Clic QRS (Quick Release Single)

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Clic QRS (Quick Release Single)

The single row QRS clip is for all MAGLOAD loaders and other accessories, it gives a lot more versatility with 3x bolt holes.

The Clic uses captured nuts for easy assembly. The clips can be used with hex bolts instead of nuts should you want threaded studs, and can be configured in many ways to suit what you need. All the hardware we supply is marine grade stainless steel for maximum weather protection.

Additional Clic accessories include:

  • The low profile QRL clip is for the sleekest mounting solutions, with 2x bolt holes it is best for single mag pouches, loaders, knife holsters or a Magload V Loader.
  • The double row QRD clip has 9x mounting holes for a super versatile. It’s the best of both compactness and versatility.
  • The triple row QRT clip is for people who are moving to this system from a Tek Lok or Hoppner & Schumann belt clip and want the same layout. This clip is capable of mounting 2x V loaders side by side on the same clip.
  • The belt clip system also features the debut of a new type of fastener we have been working with, the PlasTech screw. Made in the UK these are not regular self tapping screws, they form a strong reusable thread and are self locking – allowing us to make some of the most compact and lightweight parts there are.

19.1mm hole spacing, 19.5x60mm mounting area

All clips come with 2x nuts, 2x bolts and 2x spacers.

You will need the Clic QRB (Quick Release Base) to make a complete working set.