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The Nexus PRO quadloading system is our ultimate loader, lighter than any other spring adjustable loader on the market. Completely set-and-forget, left or right-handed shotgun cartridge caddy in 8, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 options.
  • Extremely light and predictable pull

  • High and adjustable retention

  • Lightest self-adjusting loader in the world

  • High-grade aerospace aluminum, hard anodized backplate

  • Huge variety of mounting and assembly options

  • Tool-free self-adjustment for all usable cartridge lengths

The Nexus PRO comes with:

  • Your loader
  • PS51 Industrial Velcro, cut to size, with an alcohol swab
  • Belt clip spacers
  • 10mm and 5mm spring adjustment spacers



Nexus PRO is a set and forget system which will take any cartridge with an unfired length from 50-67.5mm. That means any cartridge, bird, buck or slug that you would use in training or competition will fit in the Nexus PRO system with no further adjustment. The Nexus system can be set up either left or right-handed and changed at any time using just one Allen key.

The Nexus PRO is built with IPSC in mind and therefore conforms perfectly to IPSC rules, but the Nexus PRO is even more suitable to 3 Gun and other disciplines than ever before.


  • Can be set up right or left-handed

  • Load twins or quads whenever you want

  • Self adjusts to fit any cartridge in use in dynamic shooting

  • Can be fitted to CLIC, Tek Lok, ELS clips or our Velcro Competition belt

  • Fully Modular

  • Adjustable spring tension and hand clearance



  • Aerospace-grade aluminum backplate, hard anodized

  • The Nexus PRO is just 50mm from front to back, including cartridges (49mm without). There is no danger of exceeding the IPSC 75mm rules even with a loose belt or a thick attachment mechanism (Tek Lok or Velcro).

  • The plastic parts are made using the latest in 3D manufacturing technology. From -50 degrees F, to 300 degrees F, the Nexus PPRO will always work as you expect it to!

  • Minimal maintenance is required. Self-cleaning even through the thickest of mud and sand.

  • We are using the latest in materials technology to utilize spring systems that will be long lasting and corrosion-free.

Easy to use

  • The Nexus PRO can be supplied in a ready-to-assemble state with clear and comprehensive instructions or assembled for you in right or left-handed configuration.

  • Set and forget. Once the loader is assembled it never needs to be adjusted as it will self adjust to any usable cartridge length.

  • Low release force and natural release directions.

  • When emptied of ammo the loader collapses down to the smallest possible footprint. An empty loader will not get in the way during bending, crouching or any other form of PSG acrobatics.

Weight: PRO16 = 12.5 oz

Note:  Photo is stock photo and not showing the 16 (yet)

As standard, the Nexus PRO comes with our lifetime warranty.