Shot Saver

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  • High impact polymer

  • Will withstand long term use without breaking

  • High retention

  • 1” hole spacing for easy retrofits

  • Cartridge is angled downwards towards chamber for the perfect release

  • Relief cuts on the underside to clear features on popular guns without extra filing

The Shot Saver provides that vital shot to cleanly finish a stage when you run dry, potentially saving your match. It can also be used to give a strategic advantage by actually working it into your stage plan. Lightning fast and reliable, it’s always there to save your last shot.

Made from a high impact polymer this Shot Saver has been designed not to break – a feature lacking from other offerings on the market. You don’t need to take any special care when loading it; Slide or snap your cartridge in, it’ll work every time.

It has 1” hole spacing to easily retrofit to any holes you may already have in the gun. The bottom of the loader has relief cuts to get the most optimal positioning on handguards on some of the most popular guns in use, including the Benelli M2.

The cartridge is canted backwards towards the chamber and it has high retention. The cartridge will always be there when you need it most!