Velcro Competition Belt

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Everyone knows how to use a seat belt, and everyone knows how secure a seat belt is. Quick to fasten and quick to adjust. Avoid the faux pas of a belt coming off in competition by using the MAGLOAD Velcro Competition Belt.

Using our proprietary rubber and cork core construction, we’ve thinned this belt down to a mere 6mm, further reducing weight and increasing your range of movement without sacrificing rigidity for your loaders. 100mm wide genuine Velcro ensures that your loaders and accessories stay where you put them.

  • Secure and easy to use buckle

  • Rapid fastening and adjustment

  • Premium 6mm thick rubber and cork construction, with grippy inner surface and genuine Velcro outer

  • Compatible with all Velcro loaders

SIZING: Measure around where you will wear the belt (around the belly button) + clothes and order the largest belt that will fit you.

The sizes accommodated are:

  • Small 26-44″ (18″ of belt space)
  • Medium 34-54″ (26″ of belt space)
  • Large 42-60″ (32″ of belt space)